Friday, 12 March 2010

B Beautiful, this one's for you!

A crimson, cherry red and tangerine colored amulet of vintage Bohemian glass trade beads strung on a snake chain. These beads were produced in Bohemia, brought to Africa by European traders and used as a form of currency to be exchanged for local commodities. The variegated tangerine and white bead is known as a wedding bead because it is popularly worn at weddings in Mali by Fulani and Peul women. The crimson red round tabular bead is carved with Islamic crescent and stars, originally inlaid with gold color that has completely worn away. These beads were produced especially for Islamic pilgrims who were entitled to wear them once completing their pilgrimage to Mecca.


  1. Thank you!!! I am sooooo excited by my purchase, can't wait to wear it!!!! It's truly precious!!! xxx

  2. is it a necklace or a bracelet?