Friday, 9 April 2010

Stockholm Style

My first posting from Stockholm, Sweden. I didn't really know what to expect before arriving, my knowledge of Sweden extended to Ikea, gorgeous blonde women and swedish meatballs. So not very much really! So here are a few of my recent discoveries:
1) The men are also gorgeous!
2) Everyone is really stylish; men, women and kids! It's a quirky nordic style which is a little vamp pixie inspired for the women and a viking dandy look for men
3) They procreate! Every hot young couple is surrounded by many cute and equally stylish kids and the city is really child friendly

I'll keep updating more findings but for the moment I'll leave you with these pics of Swedish Style (photos from


  1. you have to do some shopping + a recon mission of all the cool brands us southerners must seek-out!!!!!

  2. Definitely! Here are a few cool brands that I've found: Acne (yes not the obvious name choice for a fashion brand!) Whyred, Filippa K