Monday, 26 April 2010

Strawberry offerings

I'm taking a break from snowy Stockholm and landed in Italy to be welcomed by blooming spring and an evening of drinks on the terrace with friends, joy! I was surprised to be offered a whole punnet of strawberries instead of the usual bottle of wine by one of my guests. What a great contribution to an evening (and breakfast the next day!)

So I thought I would ask you, what do you like to bring to your hosts? I'd love some new ideas!


  1. mmm... well I bring a whole pannier of strawberries! ;0) I love bringing cheese, fruit and/or wine! I also love bringing something I cooked (brownies, muffins, quiche, etc...) because you can send the love via the food to your friends!!!

  2. amazing photos! and have a wonderful time in Italy! sounds amazingggggggg already!

    xoxo bardot in blue